Contact Center and CRM Best Practices

Expert Planet – Why and How We Use Virtual Agents

Expert Planet designs, develops and measures targeted sales and marketing campaigns for some of the largest organizations on the planet. Using a unique community of topical experts—talented agents with sales skills and specialized knowledge relevant to client programs—this outsourced contact center service provider is able to quickly deploy, test, measure, and optimize client programs, without operating a physical contact center.In four years, the firm has grown its agent community to over 1,000, serving varied clients including an array of Direct Response Television (DRTV) and infomercial service companies, among others.

Expert Planet is both a contact center services provider, and a technology company, building many of their own applications.  They wanted the ability to integrate seamlessly with their contact center platform, and didn’t always want to rely on a user interface to make changes. The company sought a scalable cloud-based telephony platform that could support the various integration points of their technology, enabling them to source the type of highly skilled agents they needed from anywhere in the nation.

 Expert Planet was able to:

• Optimize a large, outbound program, boosting agent efficiency and effectiveness by nearly 20%.

• Maximize agent productivity by enabling blended agents to combine outbound and inbound calls from their own home offices throughout the U.S.

• Quickly and easily integrate Salesforce CRM (and other CRM solutions) with Five9's cloud software for contact centers, with no custom coding.

The Five9 case study white paper Expert Planet: How and Why We Use Virtual Agents is available on CRMXchange.


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