Contact Center and CRM Best Practices

Contact Center Physics

The concept of entropy is one that many of us discussed in physics class: it can be simply described as the “process by which things with energy wind down over time, unless outside energy is pumped into the system.”  Entropy is why a glass of ice sitting in a room will melt. The heat energy in the room will move to the cold glass of ice. Over time, the glass of ice will warm up and melt, while the temperature in the room will fall imperceptibly.

Now, a top call center authority has drawn an interesting parallel that relates the principle of entropy to quality monitoring and workforce management—two core contact center practices that tend to start with great energy, but then, over time, lose steam until they become far less effective.

Find out how contact center “application entropy” can be reversed by introducing new internal sources of energy to a flagging system.

The Verint white paper Contact Center Physics is available on CRMXchange.

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