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Mobile WFM: Defining Success for Next Generation Contact Centers

Many contact centers now draw their staff from the millennial generation who largely use smartphones and tablets for their personal and social communication. For these progressive organizations, adopting a mobile WFM solution is often the defining element in successful operation. Leveraging  mobile Web-enabled devices to connect contact center managers, supervisors and agents can increase efficiency as well as staff and customer satisfaction.

According to DMG Consulting’s 2012 Contact Center Workforce Management Market Report, “Millennia, entering the workforce are very different from their ‘Boomer’ predecessors and … are challenging workplace conventions … by demanding more non-traditional schedules, flexible time-off policies, remote work arrangements, and other concessions to support an improved work/life balance. The needs of this generation must be addressed by the next generation WFM solutions.”

Adopting mobile technologies for workforce management efficiency improvement can work to an organization’s advantage. CallCopy's white paper provides guidance on implementing mobile WFM and highlights the benefits for customer contact centers and work-at-home agents.

The CallCopy white paper, Mobile WFM: Defining Success for Next Generation Contact Centers is availalbe on CRMXchange

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