Contact Center and CRM Best Practices

Why Deliver Customer Service in the Cloud?

In a volatile and hyper-competitive market, consistently delivering exceptional multichannel customer service is essential. But providing world-class service on tight budgets and to even tighter deadlines is a tough challenge for even the largest organizations. That’s why so many of the world’s most successful organizations choose to deliver customer service in the cloud.

Organizations across the globe are making the move to the cloud to help them:

• Reduce costs and accelerate ROI                                                                                                      

• Get more flexibility for less capital outlay

• Harness world-class performance and reliability

• Deliver airtight security and rigorous compliance

• Refocus resources on the core business

• Foster innovation by freeing up skilled IT staff

• Improve agility with flexible tools and a scalable platform

Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service is offering a compleimentary eBook that provides a short introduction to the many benefits of moving customer service to the cloud. Links to further resources can be found on the final page.

The Oracle eBook World Class Customer Service in the Cloud is available on

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