Contact Center & CRM Best Practices

It's Time to Get Mobile Self-Service Right

The mobile channel has become a make-or-break point of engagement with your customers.

But most companies offer a terrible mobile engagement experience, damaging the customer relationship in the process. This white paper from IntelliResponse shows you why mobile has moved to the forefront of the multi-channel strategy, and how to get mobile self-service right. Highlights include

  •  7 reasons why the mobile channel offers the greatest improvement opportunity for self-service                                                                                                                                  
  • Why your competitors now see the value in improving customer service- it's NOT just about  pursuing revenue                                                                                                                                          
  • Data that shows how a negative customer experience in the mobile channel can hurt sales
  • 4 best practices that will put you on the path to developing a leading mobile self-service experience for customers

The IntelliResponse white paper, It's Time to Get Mobile Self-Service Right, is available on CRMXchange.

When you download this white paper, you also get a special invitation for a free evaluation of your entire online self-service performance, using a new assessment tool from Forrester Research and IntelliResponse


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