Call Center & CRM Best Practices

How Speech Analytics Helps You Take Charge of Compliance and Liability

If you are a contact center or enterprise business facing compliance measures, you know who you are. More than likely, you have established a compliance process to ensure business integrity, resolve disputes or comply with industry regulations on phone-based transactions.

The question is…do you really know what your employees are saying or doing that might be putting your business at risk?  If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know”, this Calabrio white paper is for you.

The contact center is often in the center of the storm on compliance issues… especially in outbound telesales but also for inbound contact centers where a key mission is to increase revenue by converting service callers into customers for new or enhanced products or services. But perhaps an even more important concern for the contact center and the broader enterprise is the question of liability.

The two aims are to alert readers to the federal level regulations and liability exposures that most directly impact the activities of modern contact centers and explain how speech analytics can help monitor compliance and reduce the risk of liability exposures.

The white paper  How Speech Analytics Helps You Take Charge of Compliance and Liability. is availlable on CRMXchange

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