Design Your Quality Program to Link Directly to Customer Satisfaction

Improve Your Customer Experience:
Design Your Quality Program to Link Directly to Customer Satisfaction

Everyone who works in the customer contact industry has experienced this—quality scores in the 90s, but customer satisfaction (CSAT) or issue resolution results that are in the 60s or 70s. How can that be? Why is it that quality results are not aligned with CSAT and other business measures? Do you really know what your customer is experiencing with your contact center? How can there be such a disconnect between the results of your quality monitoring program and what your customers are telling you about their actual experience?

This COPC white paper offers seven fundamental changes that transformed quality programs to directly and substantially improve their customers’ experience with their contact center operation. These changes are:

• Redesign the quality form to align with key customer drivers
• Score only output metrics and use sub-attributes to capture reasons for errors
• Measure quality using three metrics instead of one overall score
• Evaluate transactions from the customer’s perspective
• Capture non-agent issues for lack of issue resolution
• Expand the quality process to include the capture of business intelligence
• Focus on systemic issues through your quality process

By implementing these changes, your quality program will become a stronger asset to your company. Not only will you be able to drive improvements that directly improve the customer experience, but you also will be able to provide valuable customer insights to help your overall business performance.

The White Paper -Design Your Quality Program to Link Directly to Customer Satisfaction is availalble on CRMXchange

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