Contact Center and CRM Best Practices

The Value in Naysayer Feedback – Actionable Steps to Improve Customer Experience for Contact Centers

While the call center has many metrics for determining success, the overall customer experience has the biggest impact on your bottom line, yet it is also one of the most difficult metrics to measure. Fortunately, your customers don’t think in terms of metrics. The only thing that matters to them is that they have a positive experience. Take FCR as an example: there are many ways to measure FCR, but it is difficult to see the whole picture. Some centers use repeat call tracking technology, which tracks if a customer calls back about the same issue. But it doesn’t tell you if the customer became so frustrated that they never called back and ultimately left you for a competitor. Others utilize internal quality monitoring, which rates calls as “solved” or “unsolved,” but doesn’t take into account the customer’s perspective. No matter what method you use to measure it, taking action based on customer feedback is important.

In this white paper, you’ll hear from two panelists from Knowlagent’s Productivity Plus series on how to solicit and use feedback – especially the negative kind – to improve your business.

In Greg Levin’s, Putting “Action” in Customer Satisfaction Measurement, he provides practical recommendations for measuring and using customer satisfaction data as he presents the three features of world-class C-Sat measurement programs.

Mining the Gold – Listening Hard to “Detractors,”written by Jeanne Bliss, offers keen insights for incorporating a process to make use of negative customer feedback as well as three action itemsfor your call center to put into practice.

The Knowlagent white paper The Value in Naysayer Feedback – Actionable Steps to Improve Customer Experience for Contact Centers is available on CRMXchange.

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