Three Benefits to a Classroom Style Call Center Layout

Recently we have noticed a new call center layout trend from several of our customers: classroom style layouts for their agent workstations.  Since Interior Concepts is fortunate enough to work with contact centers from across the county, we have a unique opportunity to identify call center trends.  This layout has three benefits for contact centers.

The first benefit is visibility.  The classroom style layout allows supervisors to easily see all agents.  This setup also allows agents to face the same direction so they can see screens for metrics, promotions, and announcements.  Additionally, this style gives an open office feel to contact centers.

Call Center Layout


The second benefit is the traffic flow.  With all agents facing the same direction and only one pathway, there is less traffic because the aisle is not shared between two rows of employees.  Agents feel less cramped and it allows the aisles to flow better.


Call Center Layout


The third benefit is aesthetics. The third benefit is aesthetics and environment.  If the call floor is located on a floor with glass exterior walls and a nice view of the surroundings, why prevent some agents from enjoying this benefit by facing them in an opposite direction.  If it is important to your company culture, a classroom style layout could allow all agents to enjoy this benefit.


  Call Center View

The Best Call Center Layout Solution Varies
The best solution for your contact center varies by your needs and company culture.  For some sites, a typical run of back-to-back cubicles will work better, while others find value in clusters/pod workstations.  With the classroom style workstation layout, one item to note is that if you are budget sensitive there is a slight premium over a typical back-to-back workstation design.  When workstations are placed back to back it allows the stations to share panels and electrical access.  With single runs of workstations, only the side panels are shared, and electrical access must be completed per row versus two back-to-back rows of workstations.

Watch a YouTube video to learn more about this solution.


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    I am looking to get some call centre booths like the ones shown here on your website. I would need 9, how much would that be?



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