Call Center Week – Review of Solutions

The main topics of interest at the IQPC Call Center Week Las Vegas were ‘cloud’ and ‘multi-channel’.  Attendees were also concerned with the use of social media.

How customers connect to companies is evolving.  Customers want to connect on their own terms with the channel that suites them best.  Vendors are attempting to respond to the customer’s needs with a variety of new solutions.  Below is a recap of exciting technologies and solutions that were at the event.

360'CRM   is a full spectrum CRM company that provides end-to-end Consulting Solutions, CRM Applications, and Telephony Network Hardware.

Navigator CRM is a dynamic application that guides contact center agents through complex customer care situations driven by agent – customer call interactions.  As the customer responds to agent inquiries, scripting populates in order to provide the agent with the information the customer requires.  Navigator CRM accesses systems such as billing, call performance outcomes, and compliance information in order to provide agents with the guidance needed for a single application interface.   Navigator allows agents to communicate with customers through email, sms, text and social media while on the call.

The InSight Channel Performance Intelligence Platform  has the capability to coordinate disparate channel management data into one centralized platform, and present full aggregated information. 

360’CRM also provides 3rd Party Quality Monitoring which improves both skills and compliance performance of your agents.

Angel  , a provider of enterprise-focused, cloud based Customer Experience Management solutions discussed Angel’s  Caller First Analytics (CFA) App for the iPad and expanded its business intelligence reporting suite with a map dashboard. With the Angel Mobile CFA App and additional reporting capabilities, users can view customer call data on-the-go, arming enterprises with the best available data to enhance customer interactions and improve the customer experience.

Angel’s Caller First Analytics are embedded into Angel’s cloud-based IVR technology and virtual call center solutions, enabling businesses to not only evaluate the effectiveness of their voice applications, but also obtain a comprehensive view of customer behaviors and attitudes. The Angel Mobile CFA app’s on-demand business intelligence IVR analytics offering gives enterprise employees the flexibility to access customer call data on-the-go. Employees can customize the App to see how voice applications are used, identify any application performance issues and drilldown to the individual call recording level to listen to a specific customer’s interaction.

Angel Mobile CFA app provides users with personalized dashboards and reports that contain both historical and current data to evaluate and analyze how customers interact with the Angel IVR.

Astute believes that the goal of your organization is simple – to keep the ‘customer happy’. Customers should be surprised and delighted either through personalized interaction experiences, or with effective self-service tools.

Across all interaction channels, Astute helps companies gain actionable insights into customers' needs, preferences, and sentiments. This insight helps them to identify where needs are not being met, and where opportunities are emerging. Feedback reaffirms what your company is doing well.

With the Astute  multichannel customer service solutions, contact center agents provide exceptional service to consumers during each  contact—Intelligent routing and queuing ensure that each customer service interaction is delivered to the most appropriate resource and handled quickly.  A single user interface enables customer service agents to view, manage, and process all customer service interactions—moving seamlessly between handling calls, emails and chats. They quickly access information and answers through a single knowledge engine—with pre–approved answers tailored for each channel.

Their centralized system captures and analyzes all customer service interactions, providing managers with cross-channel insight into agent performance, customer input and issues. Your company gains a valuable source of feedback that can mitigate risk, drive continuous improvement, and even generate competitive advantage.

Convergys Corporation  discussed their new multiple customer experience optimization solutions which leverage Convergys’ proven proprietary consulting methodology to evaluate all facets of a customer’s end-to-end experience, uncover and isolate root causes of low performance and eliminate interaction challenges through process-improvement recommendations.  Combining a network of analytic tools and methodologies, Convergys’ team of researchers, analysts and consultants delivers solutions that lower costs and improve customer interactions.

They were named Best Outsourced Provider at the Call Center Excellence Awards ceremony. They were recognized in part for the company’s flexibility in handling unique client requirements, its talent and performance management practices, and its ability to leverage technology to ensure efficiency and automation.

CSG  showed their AgentHub, the result of a partnership between CSG International and Enghouse Interactive. The partnership combines CSG's multichannel, SaaS, Interactive Messaging platform which includes IVR, SMS/text messaging and broadcast email campaigns — with Enghouse Interactive's CosmoCall Universe, a contact center software suite that unites all customer contact locations, functions, and personnel – on a single unified multi-channel customer communications platform.

CSG provides the framework necessary for you to deploy a centralized proactive and responsive customer engagement strategy in today's competitive environment. AgentHub provides a cost-effective method of managing contact center technologies and a more efficient approach to managing customer interactions.

Envision  showcased the next major upgrade of its award-winning Envision® Centricity Team Optimization Suite for workforce management,  workforce optimization (WFO), and coaching for the contact center. Centricity adds a brand-new, tabbed UI for simple navigation and less clicks; more powerful supervisor workflow including ability to more quickly create and deliver on-line eLearning for individual and group coaching; and a new, Silverlight AV player that sets new industry standards for creating searches, queries and evaluations in a browser based format (including support for mobile and tablet formats). Users will also find enhancements to agent monitoring and PCI compliance, as well as improvements in speed, performance and integration.

Evolv   showed the expansion of their Foresight analytics platform, an end-to-end workforce intelligence solution that uses predictive analytics to help businesses quantify workforce quality, identify and predict improvement areas, and take action to reduce attrition, improve productivity, and eliminate unnecessary workforce spending.  Evolv brings together Psychology, Econometrics, Big Data, and Machine Learning technology to deliver significant reductions in short-term attrition, increases in productivity, and surprising workforce insights. The result is a lower-cost, higher-quality workforce that is tuned to each client’s unique needs.

They also discussed the results of a study by its advanced analytics group that reveals the best trainers produce employees that stay on the job nearly 2 to 3 times longer. These trainers shared common characteristics, including the tendency to promote discussion and knowledge-checks in class, vs. maintaining tight classroom organization and control.

The full report is available for viewing here.   The study found that trainers with the lowest agent attrition tended to create open and active discussions in class, asked questions, and checked trainees for knowledge. These trainers performed significantly better than those trainers with strong time management, class control and organizational skills.

They received an Honorable Mention for Best Technology Solutions Provider at the Call Center Excellence Awards  for its success in delivering advanced analytics that help employers optimize the entire recruiting process, from sourcing analytics to understanding the differences in productivity that come from different training programs.

Intelliverse  is a provider of cloud communications solutions which  provides a complete, hosted cloud-based platform that integrates IVR, ACD and IP telephony into one solution, enabling enterprises to interact with customers more efficiently. By automating routine tasks such as call routing through customized solutions and consolidated reporting, Intelliverse provides comprehensive customer insight resulting in better business decisions. 

The Intelliverse platform provides the end user information they need to effectively manage their contact center via their online portal which allows for real-time visibility into all of the customer’s centers, displaying key statistics like call volumes, current hold times, and agent statistics.  The online portal also has an enhanced suite of reports equipping managers and directors with the metrics required to optimize call handling and to staff agents appropriately. Additionally, call recording files for agent monitoring and training can be accessed through the same online portal.

In addition, Intelliverse's Solutions for the Prepaid Services provide card holders with the ability to access routine information such as current card balance, last card reload and a transaction history as well as advanced features to activate their new cards, establish their PIN and recharge their cards, while also giving them the option to transfer to live sales and support agents in the call center.

Interactive Intelligence,   a global provider of unified IP business communications solutions, released Interaction Mobilizer™,  a software platform that enables organizations to rapidly deploy customer service applications on multiple mobile operating systems, devices and social media websites, while bridging the gap between mobile self-service and live assistance.  Interaction Mobilizer™ enables organizations to brand their own mobile applications, then publish them on the appropriate app store or offer them on their corporate website for users to download.  The platform enables customers to  transition from a mobile self-service interaction to a Web callback, click-to-call, or text chat. Contextual information — such as the customer’s name, what device they were using, the forms or products they were reviewing, is transferred to the agent. These interactions can be queued and routed based on agent skill, and information is delivered onto the agent’s computer screen when the customer is connected.

KANA  gives managers total control over the customer service process.  By unifying and adapting customer journeys across the contact center, Web site and social community, KANA's solutions have reduced handling time, increased resolution rates and improved NPS.  Through the combination of Contextual Knowledge, Experience Flows(TM) and Social Analytics, KANA makes the prospect of servicing customers via the web more powerful .KANA Web Customer Service encompasses the entire service experience lifecycle, coupling knowledge bases with transactional functions, data and context to eliminate disconnects between the information customers need and their online goals. With KANA, customers are given only the information they need when they need it, based on the context of their activity and persona, and so are guided through productive, satisfying experiences from start to finish — ultimately reducing the need to defer to the contact center.

KANA Service Experience Management streamlines workflows and gives you complete control of the customer service experience. Customers experience consistent and efficient service across all channels of communication. Agents access information through a dynamic interface that presents them with precisely those options that are relevant for a given service interaction.

KANA discussed their acquisition of Trinicom, a provider of cloud-based web customer service and customer interaction software.  The acquisition expands to mid-sized businesses globally. With Trinicom multi-channel web customer service, mid-sized businesses can improve service quality by answering customer questions consistently in a timely fashion; manage costs effectively by offering online knowledge and FAQs 24/7; and expedite service resolution by answering questions in the contact center faster and at the first call.

Levementum  is a global consulting and technology services company that focuses on Call Centers for Sales and Support operations.  With SugarCRM, an open source CRM platform, and Contivio, a global provider of advanced contact centers and telephony integration solutions, Call Center clients benefit from their years of technology and business knowledge, while leveraging technologies that provide world class results. 

The key to every project is Levementum’s ability to unearth the complex set of relationships that impact an organization’s revenue and profit with their “Discovery Session” methodology.  The goal is to examine the interactions between the different players within a company’s business world – to see which ones have the most impact on the Business Mission.

Combining a powerful company culture, a broad array of industry solutions, and a deep commitment to powerful open source technologies, Levementum empowers companies to acquire and satisfy customers resulting in world class results.

If it is critical for your organization to have accurate location information you will want to look at Loqate, which enables users to parse, standardize, verify, cleanse, transliterate, and format address data for over 240 countries.

Loqate provides real time entry of address data for a fast, accurate, and user friendly data entry experience in the contact center.  Agents receive instant results based on each character entered into the form ensuring only accurate data is entered into the database. The result is clean data entry, positive customer experience, and reduced support costs due to greater efficiency in support interactions.  Worldwide address cleansing, automatically puts components into the correct address field, making applications that process location data more accurate and of higher value.

TeleTech, one of the largest global providers of technology and business process outsourcing solutions, entered into an exclusive relationship with Satmetrix, a provider of customer experience software, to integrate its Net Promoter methodology and technology into TeleTech’s portfolio of customer experience products and services.   Net Promoter has become an industry standard for measuring the quality of the customer experience and has shown a direct correlation between a high NPS and ROI.

This relationship enables clients to operationalize interaction strategies at the point of customer contact to improve the service experience that provides a platform for clients to create promoters and reduce detractors in real time.

TeleTech’s Net Promoter® Accelerator solution leverages Peppers & Rogers Group’s strategy expertise and Satmetrix’s software with TeleTech's customer management and revenue generation services.  The integrated solution enables companies to identify brand promoters and detractors in real time, and then effectively reacts to mobilize the promoters and recover the detractors.   The Software puts a structured discipline around the ongoing measurement of customer engagement and loyalty.

TELUS International  is a global provider of contact center outsourcing solutions with locations throughout North America, Central America, Asia, and the U.K.  During the conference, Telus International discussed how they were able to align their culture with that of their customer, Zynga, a social network game development company whose games include FarmVille, Zynga Poker, CityVille, CastleVille, and Hidden Chronicles.  The goal was to exceed the Zynga game player’s expectations.  This involved Telus International agents moving away from the typical outsourcer metrics-which often focused solely on productivity and efficiency, to a partnership approach founded upon “player delight.”  To help enhance the customer’s experience, TELUS International agents received training to improve their knowledge of the specific games. The training helped the agents understand features of the games, the rules and levels, and the player's perspective.

Key to the success of the Zynga program was the ability to drive up the Net Promoter Score – or- the likelihood that their end-customers would recommend them to family and friends based on their experience dealing with the company.

Upstream Works  Contact Center Agent (CCA) is an Agent Desktop that provides application automation and desktop tools. By combining information from interactions across all channels of communication –Upstream Works Contact Center Agent  provides agents a history for each customer and the reason for a particular call. CCA interfaces Cisco Telephony and contact center infrastructure to consolidate contacts from various communication channels into a single, easy-to-use desktop application.

At the conference they discussed the debut of Upstream Works for Finesse which  enhances Cisco Finesse by using simple gadgets that are designed to improve agent, business and customer experience. According to Rob McDougall, Upstream Works President, "Upstream Works for Finesse extends all of these capabilities into the Cisco Finesse framework, to increase FCR, eliminate desktop silos and improve overall channel performance for any Cisco based contact center."

Vocalcom’s Solutions include: ACD, IVR, Predictive Dialing, CTI, Scripting, Web chat, Social Media Integration, Video chat and multimedia communications under a fully web enabled architecture.  Users can access the application from anywhere in the world, on any computer connected to the internet, with all the necessary security.

Hermes.Net™ allows you to manage each service through a distinct queue corresponding to an agent’s skill group. The call center software will consider available agents profile, their skill and the expected waiting time, in order to calculate the best compromise and route the call in the best skills/waiting conditions. During the communication, agents can ask for help from their supervisor, who can provide advice discreetly by chat or whisper efficiently managed by the call center software. From the call center software toolbar, the agent takes advantage of a range of up-to-date communications tools: voice mail, calls, email, fax, sms.

As soon as the call is answered, it is routed to the agent with the highest skill set to treat it. The call center software offers a high-level of skills settings tools, customizable for each agent, or a group of agents.

Chat applications play a key role in today’s workplace. Hermes.Net’s clients or prospects can start a chat session with your agents directly from their internet browser through a link on your website. Interaction can be done using a chat dialogue or by a co browsing feature that allows the two parties to share browser information.  New to the product suite is interactive video chat.

VoltDelta‘s   virtual contact center solution works to optimize call management and distribution for contact centers and home agents to improve retention and encourage loyalty through:  •Custome Call Routing which identifies callers and caller attributes without asking any questions for skills-based routing. •Converged Multi-channel Care – Self-service and agent integration, SMS messaging and call management are supported within a single Software as a Service platform. •Voice of the Customer – Real-time call auditing and assistance, along with call and agent screen recording enable unique customer experience evaluation along with an ability to easily search and share audio and video files for executive review or agent training. •Call Scalability & Reliability – VoltDelta’s vast carrier independent VoIP and TDM infrastructure currently supports more than 36,000 agents, 2.4 billion calls per year and over 2 billion SMS message deliveries with 99.99% reliability.



  1. Thanks for the great blog on the call center week in Vegas. I own a Portland Oregon Call Center and I’m sure my employees and I will find your information very helpful. Keep up the good work.


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