Call Center Furniture: Maximize Space & Agent Productivity

During Call Center Week, June 5-7th, 2012, Interior Concepts will be participating in the LIVE DEMO DRIVE that will take place on June 7th, which means we will be running a live demo of our products for the first 15 minutes of the morning break.

The  title of our quick presentation will be How to Maximize Space & Agent Productivity When Updating Your Call Center Furniture. If you won't be attending the show, here is a preview of our presentation and some quick design tips to keep in mind when updating your site.

Design Expertise
Since Interior Concepts specializes in call center furniture, our project managers work with call centers every day designing productive and functional spaces. I hope that these ideas will help you to create an efficient and modern space that will attract and retain employees while helping to make your call center more efficient overall.

1. Maximize Your Space with the Furniture Layout:

  • Select straight back-to-back rows for the most space efficient design
  • Incorporate supervisors at the ends of rows instead of separate stations to save space
  • Design around columns and window ledges to make otherwise unusable space usable

2. Maximize Your Space with the Furniture Design:

  • Utilize tables in training rooms for a flexible space instead of built-in or fixed workstations
  • Build stool height stations around the perimeter of break rooms to allow more usable space
  • Select a thin-line panel system versus a 2-3 inch system. You will be surprised at the difference this makes

3. Maximize Agent Productivity via Furniture Design:

  • Choose a floorplan layout based on the number of agents and supervisors that need to fit in the space
  • Try a classroom or U-shaped design for supervisor visibility and flow
  • Choose a raised height supervisor station for visibility and approachability

4. Maximize Agent Productivity via Ergonomics:

  • Employees spend many hours in their chair, choose a comfortable chair with multiple adjustments
  • Select a keyboard worksurface that can be adjusted to prevent injury
  • Training is key. Show employees how to properly adjust chairs, monitors, and keyboards

5. Know the process you will need to follow to "make it happen":

  • Design the furniture for the site
  • Place order and field measure
  • Produce, ship, and install the furniture

If you have a question about furnishing your contact center, Contact Us to talk to a project manager or to schedule an appointment to meet at Call Center Week.


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