The Power of Connections

We’ve all been there – the frustration of trying to reach a prospect with a cold call.   If you have no connection to that person, it is twice as likely that your call will not be returned.  If we do have a connection, there is an 11x more likely chance that you will hear back.  The key is to leverage your network of connections – from your business, your school, and associations with your prospect’s connections.   With tools that are available today, such as Reachable, you have a better chance of leveraging these relationships.

Jason Zajonc, VP of Sales at American Wireless, commented “Oftentimes sales people want to figure out how do I know this guy, how will I get in touch with them, what do we have in common? And it’s hard information to get! In fact, it’s not on Facebook, it’s not on LinkedIn, its only in the contacts and connections you have…so when I saw this out of Oracle CRM and Salesforce, I was shocked! I said, this is what I have been looking for, for years!”

The world today is built on relationships.  With Reachable you are able to graph all of your network contacts: professional, social, email clients, and other public data sources to uncover new connection paths to almost any other professional or company.  This feature allows salespeople to quickly connect with 65 million professional and social contacts and shows you the connection path to reach the elusive person that won’t respond to the call.   The tool sifts through all the connection paths and provides you with the strongest connection.  Reachable does not share its data with third parties.   When customers close their accounts, all their contact data and profile information is promptly deleted from the database.

According to former Jaspersoft founder, Al Campa, “I have always believed that business is about relationships – who you know, who your friends know, who your colleagues and their friends know. I’ve noticed over the years that the best salespeople realize this and leverage their contacts to generate new business, forge partnerships and drive revenue. That’s what Reachable is all about.”


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