Call Center Home Agent Model

Over the last ten years, interest in remote agent contact center models has steadily increased. For example, attendance at the February 2012 Remote Agent Summit increased by 30% over 2011. And home agent models are not limited to the United States and Canada. Several firms are operating home agent models in Europe and a UK version of the US Remote Agent Summit is planned for July. Michele Rowan of At Home Customer Contacts which hosts the Remote Agent Summit and Workshops reports that:

Survey results from the 2012 attendees indicate that their percentage of home agent population will double in size from YE 2012 to YE 2013 going from an estimated 18% to 36% of their customer contact population. More companies continue to shift contact center capacity from the traditional brick and mortar infrastructure to the remote agent model because of the low investment and high returns.

The value proposition of the remote agent model includes a wide range of operational
1. Cost reduction through lower real estate costs
2. Improved productivity and agent performance
3. Higher employee engagement
4. Talent attraction and retention
5. Business continuity
6. Preparation for the workforce of the future

A FurstPerson white paper discusses talent assessment strategies in the home agent model. Specifically, they will highlight:

1. The competency profile of a successful home agent
2. Understanding your recruiting model options – hub and spoke versus virtual
3. Preparing for candidate volume in the virtual model

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