Workforce Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s Small Contact Center

When you hear the term “contact center” today, the image that may come to mind is a large operation with hundreds of agents in headsets busy on calls.  However, if you were to visit the most typical call center, you would only see a couple of dozen frontline staff.  That’s because most call centers are actually small in size with three out of four centers employing fewer than 20 agents. 

According to Pelorus Group statistics, 75% of call centers have between 1 – 20 staff and another 15% have between 21 – 75 agents.  Therefore, small centers make up about 90% of all centers and employ nearly half the call center agent population.  Yet despite their overwhelming numbers, small centers have been largely ignored in documentation about call center best practices and have certainly been bypassed by the vendor community with their focus on higher-end sales opportunities.

 A new white paper from injixo, addresses the most common issues associated with being a small call center today. There are actually many benefits of being a smaller center and you’ll read about how to use these distinctions to your advantage in the area of service delivery, employee satisfaction and retention, and daily management.   The paper will also outline some of the unique challenges faced by smaller centers and how to overcome those with limited resources.

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