Contact Center QA Calibration

Calibrating contact center quality assurance (QA) performance is a key practice for ensuring agents are delivering on their organizations’ promises to provide excellent customer care and service.

Calibrating contact handling evaluations to an excellence standard prevents them from being politicized by evaluator preference or prejudice. Failure to calibrate the evaluation process can be detrimental to organizations’ strategic goals of attaining advantage and differentiation through customer care and service excellence — attributes defined by benchmarks set by leading industry organizations.

QA evaluators need to be properly trained and their judgment exercised regularly against pre-defined organizational standards and calibrated with their peers to be sure that they are adhering to objective standards. Calibration applies regardless of how many evaluators are in place – from one to many. The greater the number of evaluators, the greater is the opportunity for bias and unfairness to taint the QA program. A new CallCopy white paper Calibrating Quality Evaluations Spurs Excellence and Increased Customer Satisfaction discusses how Calibration Makes Perfect.


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