Using F-commerce or Facebook Commerce in Small Businesses

Chile Monster provides New Mexico Chile products for, as they say, “For the Chile MONSTER in all of us!”
What’s interesting is their site,, directs customers to buy the products on their Facebook shop. Unlike many brands that have awareness and interaction pages in Facebook and their e-commerce and shopping cart on their website, this brand has all their e-commerce in Facebook.

Chile Monster's Website Points Customers to Their Facebook Store
When you click on the website button, Shop Now, it takes you to the Facebook Store and provides special prices for customer’s that “Like” the brand.


Chile Monster's Facebook "Like" Button
If you click on “How to Shop” that provides you with various way s to get the products, including chile products on their Facebook store and the merchandise through


Chile Monsters Facebook Store
If you click on the SHOP CHILE MONSTER, it takes you to this page where there is a Groupon deal and may other products. 


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Chile Monster's Facebook Products With a Groupon Offering
The customer picks the chiles they are interested in and that page posts. It contains more information about the product, the price, buttons to share the product and price with a customer’s social network, and a buy button.


Paying for Chile Monster Product on Facebook
Once the customer hits the buy button, they are taken to a secure check out page:


Chile Monster's Facebook Checkout Page
If a customer wants to purchase merchandise with the Chile Monster logo, they can click on LOGO MERCHANDISE STORE on the main Facebook page:


Chile Monster Facebook Merchandise Page
The customer clicks on the product, say the hat, and that leads the customer to the zazzle storefront for Chile Monster:


Chile Monster Zazzle Merchandise Site

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