Security Concerns with Cloud Contact Centers

The contact center landscape is experiencing significant changes, both in the business model itself and its underlying technology. The ability to access telephony and applications over the Internet has increased the flexibility of the contact center workforce, introducing a new trend: the work-at home agent. Driven by a greater need for both flexibility and cost control, cloud contact center solutions, also known as hosted contact centers, are seeing double-digit growth rates.

Cloud contact centers provide a number of business benefits: improved business agility, decreased capital expense, and lower total cost of ownership.

While research shows a steady increase in the number of companies moving to cloud-based services, many business leaders are questioning the ability of the provider to ensure adequate security. The risks, both real and perceived, are present at many levels, and each solution provider differs in its approach to security.

A new Siemens white paper provides guidance and recommendations for organizations looking at cloud contactcenter solutions.  The paper discusses different layers requiring security, how security should be addressed in each layer, and how to select a qualified cloud contact center provider.

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