Virtual Assistant Technology and the Contact Center Maximize Cost Savings and Increase Agent Performance

The modern contact center exists in a paradox. While the organization expends efforts to grow, either via customer/member acquisition efforts or promotions targeting existing customers, it’s the contact center that must absorb the ensuing increases in contact volume.

The more successful the growth efforts, the more volume the contact center often must manage. In cases where volume increases are accurately forecasted, the contact center braces for the impact. This usually involves “ramping up” by adding agents and perhaps additional training to meet service demands. This ramping process can certainly help achieve desired service level and customer experience outcomes, but often at a significant financial cost.

Unexpected volume spikes can cause service levels to drop below acceptable standards and can quickly damage the customer experience. After some time spent suffering these conditions, most organizations eventually set off on a quest to improve costs and performance in the contact center. This usually begins a cost-reduction effort with the focus on achieving new levels of operational efficiency, and “doing more with less”.
Technology can play a big role in allowing contact center executives to achieve these desired results; in particular, organizations can go beyond operational efficiency in the contact center by leveraging virtual assistant/self service technology to facilitate two major competitive advantages:

► Increased Agent Efficiency
► Economies of Scale

Since agents are essentially “at the mercy” of the tools they use, performance shortcomings tend to be pervasive and additional agent training rarely helps. In these situations, it’s common for widespread “confidence downturns” to permeate the agent group. When this happens, escalation is often the result and FCR rate plummets.
Overcoming these issues is a matter of empowering agents to be better informed, with supporting technologies for contact agents that are proven superior in terms of consistently returning accurate and reliable information required for resolution.  A new white paper from Intelliresponse to see how organizations canleverage virtual assistant and self service technology.

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