Contact Center Performance Productivity

Knowlagent recently surveyed 312 call center executives, managers or supervisors. Respondents represented a range of company sizes and types.  A majority of companies report tracking the obvious things that keep an employee offline – such as absenteeism, tardiness, and log-in times. Many track some of the more hidden issues that take up call center agents’ days.

— Close 50% of the companies track time spent on training.
— 40 % report they track the amount of “idle time” agents spend waiting between calls or online inquiries.
— The average amount of idle time per day per employee is now close to an hour.

To put things in  perspective, if a respondent manages a contact center with 100 agents, having 100 agents experiencing an average of 49 minutes a day of downtime a day translates into almost 82 hours, the equivalent of 10 employees.   

Additional challenges are also arising for today’s contact centers, the survey reveals. For example, social networking may be growing as a customer interaction channel, but few organizations offer training in this area.

While there is a substantial amount of tracking of offline time, companies still provide a great deal of discretion to their employees. Almost half provide little to no structure for completing off-phone work during this time.

The question is, how can the time be leveraged in other ways that directly impact performance and productivity in the contact center? Download the report.

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