Best Practice TIPS for Leveraging Automated Voice Self Service for Improving Customer Service

Customer care managers are finding new opportunities for building retention and loyalty programs without busting the budget by leveraging more capable speech self-service solutions. A variety of technology and business factors are coming together to make it easier and more cost effective to deploy engaging voice based dialogs designed to deliver great customer care. Seventy percent of Americans are willing to spend an average of thirteen percent more with companies they believe provide great customer service according to recent research by American Express.

From the customers’ perspective, voice self service automation can be convenient if implemented correctly. On the other hand, callers can be frustrated if they cannot easily and quickly get answers or complete tasks.

A new white paper from VoltDelta provides best practice tips for improving customer service with hosted automated voice self service solutions.


There are 3 important factors that play into a caller’s eventual measure of customer satisfaction These factors need to be considered carefully during the overall design process:

Complexity – Evaluating how complex a caller views a task is an important consideration for designing the interaction.

Efficiency – Does a task simply require too much time to complete? Not only should you examine the complexity of the task which includes the number of steps to complete, but how long is the average caller on hold?

Accuracy – Evaluate speech self-service solutions based on several factors relating to accuracy such as the ability to correctly identify a result among like sounding words, error recovery strategies, and overall user interface design focused on getting a caller to their goal with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

For more information on this topic, read the white paper Best Practice Tips for Leveraging Self Service for Improving Customer Service.

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  1. Nice article! Very interesting and helpful!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Martin from Voice Self Service


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