NICE Fizzback’s 10 Rules to Master Customer Engagement

Fizzback’s experience in the sector provides a framework through which they drive positive business transformation and allow their clients to ‘drive by the voice of customer’. The rules represent a guideline to engage with clients on a case-by- case business ensuring the solution they provide is tailored to each of their clients’ unique culture, & conditions.

Below are a few Fizzback rules:

“Define your brand DNA. Own it. Name it.” stresses the importance of companywide ownership & operationalization on route to customer engagement.

“Remember targets are good servants but bad masters.” reminds us of the limitations of target-setting and outlines what needs to happen to lay the foundations for a customer engagement platform.

“Don’t design a survey, generate a conversation.” articulates industry-leading best practices in the what, who, where, how & when of real-time customer feedback.

“Before you aim to delight, get the basics right.” reveals some vital Fizzback findings around the drivers of customer behavior.

“Make your employees part of it.”emphasizes the crucial role of front- end employees on the road to customer engagement and getting them on board from the very beginning.

“Turn your data into insight.” explores Fizzback’s  Natural Language Processing engine and its  role in providing valuable customer insight and giving a voice to a previously silent majority.

“Turn your insight into action.” covers Fizzback’s Engage programme and how they go about integrating Fizzback into their clients’ business models to secure genuine return on investment.

“You’ve raised the bar—now seek perfection.” re-iterates Fizzback’s approach to continuous business improvement with their approach to evaluation & refinement to their clients’ customer engagement solutions.

“Remove the blindfold” takes a wider view of the customer engagement solution in terms of benchmarking performance against competitors and the role Fizzback’s growing cross- industry client base can play in contextualising their  clients’ findings.

“Assess wins & secure returns on investment.” identifies the explicit areas their clients have generated significant ROI on their customer engagement solutions.

To dig deeper into each of these rules , you can download 10 Rules to Master Customer Engagement

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