Nuance Twitter Study Voice Biometrics

 Nuance Communications announced results of a recently conducted Twitter survey focused on consumer perceptions of voice biometrics. The results of the survey found that consumers in general are enthusiastic about the idea of using their voice to authenticate their identity, particularly if the technology increases security.

The latest survey from Nuance found that 62 percent of respondents have more than 11 usernames and passwords, and that they forget their passwords between one and five times a month. Each time a password is forgotten it’s lost time that could be spent being more productive at work or at home.

In addition, 74 percent of those surveyed have been blocked access to important information while using a mobile device because they could not remember their log-in information. The survey also found that 80 percent of respondents use the same password for multiple accounts if it fits the password criteria. The average consumer might not be aware that using the same password increases security risks and exposure to identity fraud.

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