Social Media Reality Check

Gartner predicts the worldwide spend on social CRM offerings will balloon to more than $1 Billion by the end of 2012.   What does the  Social CRM bandwagon mean for the customer service executive? Does the hype and focus placed on social media translate into real business value? Are consumers really clamoring to have their questions answered on Facebook? Are they abruptly changing their online habits and taking their customer service questions into the social channel en masse?

A sober investigation into the facts suggests otherwise. The data would suggest that we now know what consumers are using social media for, and for the most part, it’s not for asking customer service questions. Some of the most recent online consumer behavior data, including IntelleResponse data, which is published for the first time in a new white paper, tells us that customer interaction on social channels – at least in the form of customer service questions – has remained quietly nascent. This is particularly evident when compared to the number of customer service journeys that begin at the corporate website.

In a new white paper Social Media Reality Check: Are Customer Service Execs Wasting Their Time and Money, you’ll discover the data that will help you dismiss the hype. This paper will clear the confusion surrounding social media as a customer service tool, to help you decide where to look when making technology investment decisions that impact your ability to offer the best possible service to your customers online, in the most cost-effective manner.


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