Myth or Fact? Applicants generally think it takes them longer to complete pre-hire tests than it does

Recently FurstPerson participated in the 2011 Customer Contact West MindXChange hosted by Frost & Sullivan in San Diego, CA.  We led an interactive session, Separating Myth from Fact: Hiring for Peak Performance and Customer Satisfaction, which was the top rated session at the 2011 Customer Contact West event.  We wanted to share some of the content from the session with you via our blog series. 
Myth or Fact?  Applicants generally think it takes them longer to complete pre-hire tests than it does.

Answer: Myth

FurstPerson recently surveyed job candidates that had completed a three test battery of work-related assessments and simulations.  The average testing time was 88 minutes.  However, the candidates perceived that it took 67 minutes or 25% less to complete this three test battery.
Job Candidate Testing Time Perception

In addition, the survey asked candidates for suggestions to improve the tests.  Only 6% suggested that reducing the testing process time would be an improvement.

In our experience, the use of job relevant, engaging pre-hire tools creates a more engaging candidate experience which reduces the perception of how long it takes to complete pre-hire assessments.  Even with a battery that takes almost 90 minutes to complete, 84% of candidates Agree or Strongly Agree that testing length is appropriate and acceptable (11% Neutral, 5% Disagree or Strongly Disagree).

There are certain types of assessments, called speeded tests, that aren’t designed to be finished in the allotted time.  With these types of assessments, applicants may feel short-changed because s/he wasn’t able to finish the entire assessment.  It is imperative that the business set the appropriate expectation for candidates as they begin the assessment process.  Although pre-hire processes that are engaging are usually perceived to take less time than they actually do, a poorly designed process can be seen more negatively.

Join us Thursday November 10th at 2 pm EDT for an online webinar – Golden Nuggets, Takeaways & Next Steps from Customer Contact 2011, West.  We’ll discuss a few more myths and facts.  You can learn more about the event and register here. 

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