Speech and Data Analytics Contribute to Business Intelligence

Contact centers today have four core objectives:

1. To delight customers.
2. To sustain or increase revenue.
3. To minimize operating costs.
4. To provide valuable business insights to the entire organization.

The relative importance of each mission varies based on the nature of the enterprise. Organizations that have invested heavily in developing brand equity will be most concerned with customer delight and business intelligence. This would include virtually all businesses that cater to consumer markets. Outbound telemarketers and collections agents are focused almost exclusively on revenue collection. Process-oriented contact centers are primarily concerned with efficiency and cost savings. Sharing business intelligence is an emerging focus, made possible by the emergence of analytics tools.

Speech and data analytics contribute to these objectives in many ways, as listed below:

• By understanding customer expectations and the factors that motivate satisfaction.
• By helping identify the key expressions that signal sales opportunities and assessing how well agents transition into selling mode.
• By isolating and evaluating interactions that can help senior management spot significant competitive actions.
• By identifying opportunities for cost savings through process improvements.
• By helping determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
• By identifying and rectifying causes of sub-par performance by drilling down into calls that exceeded pre-determined thresholds.
• By ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding costly and unnecessary litigation.
• By constructing performance metrics uniquely tailored to the strategies and processes of the enterprise.

A new whitepaper from CallCopy discusses how you can use business intelligence to transform your contact center.

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