Digital Customer Self Service

When embarking on a next generation customer self-service initiative that may include a virtual assistant/digital character component, you need to consider a number of key questions while laying out a deliberate, diagnostic approach for success. 

Below are just a few of the  key initial questions to consider for customer service self service:

1. Do you currently understand the nature of the questions their customers are asking?

2. Do you understand the task orientation of the customer? What are the typical items the customer is attempting to resolve.

3. Is there a desire to support web, mobile, social and agent channels and differentiate the content based on the channel?  Is your customer willing to support different mediums for the answers based on the channel?

4. Typical use of digital or human Virtual Assistants is focused on driving engagement, the location of the Virtual Assistant is critical. Do you have the ability to set aside 10 -20% of your web page to rendering a persona and providing an area for engagement?

5. Do you have a brand persona that you will use as the face of the organization or do you need to create one?

The white paper  Virtual Assistants& Self Service: Are Animated Digital Characters for Real?, some of the key initial considerations that should be used when determining whether the use of a digital character is right for your organization.

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