The Four Pillars of Customer Communication

Pillar #1: Holistic Multiple Touchpoints = Multiple Opportunities
The first step to creating a superior, loyalty-building customer experience involves cross-channel interaction analytics. Customers today communicate with companies across a variety of touchpoints, from Web-based forums to Twitter feeds. Discovering what’s really happening across all these channels, and knowing how to react can be challenging.

Pillar #2: Contextual Putting Service in Perspective
Closely linked with the insight and understanding across touchpoints that cross-channel analytics provides is context awareness, the second pillar of impactful customer communication. For years companies have relied on contact center quality monitoring technologies to identify opportunities for improvement among contact center representatives and develop relevant training programs. However, what many companies fail to recognize is that providing reps with real-time contextual information about customers’ current intent is mandatory to help them deliver top-notch service.

Pillar #3: Personal Adding a Personal Touch
Another pillar of consistent and superior customer communication across multiple channels is personalization. Personalization means truly knowing your customers and providing them a service they feel was tailored to their specific needs.

Pillar #4: Timely Making an Impact at the Moment of Truth
The final pillar of customer communication may just be one of the toughest tasks to accomplis… offering the right customer service or recommendation in real time.

A white paper from NICE Systems, Impact Every Customer Interaction, discusses these pillars in detail.

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