Virtual Assistants and Self Service

Virtual assistants originated in the mid 1960’s.  Over the past 2 years however, interest in virtual assistants, or digital characters, and their use in the online self-service and sales ecosystem has returned. Today, a recent analyst’s vendor landscape identifies over 65 companies worldwide that are workingon digital character development in some form or another.

Are you curious about the potential benefits of VA technology for your organization?  There are a number of issues that must be considered to ensure that any future implementation of a digital character for self-service is successful. A new white paper by IntelliResponse,  Virtual Assistants & Self Service: Are Animated Digital Characters for Real?, examines some of the key initial considerations that should be used when determining whether the use of a digital character makes sense for your organization. Chief among these considerations is the combination of both rational and emotional intelligence as a means of ensuring success with any virtual assistant strategy.

Other important considerations include:

• coupling the ability to deliver one right answer based on the nature of a customer question with proper use of facial coding and body language;
• creating an experience where the digital character is a guide to the user experience, versus being a “talking head” that recites answers;
• the importance of looking beyond the sheer novelty of using a digital character when determining if and how your organization might benefit from the technology;
• ensuring that the deployment of a specific brand icon or identity (whatever form that may take) is in line with your organization’s brand promise.

An improperly executed VA strategy can increase customer frustration with self-serve initiatives and cause the customer to associate their poor experience with the digital character and its organization. When implemented correctly however, the use of VAs can help customers build an affinity with an organization via a helpful digital character that will assist them in achieving the best customer experience. The paper will help you understand and execute a self-service strategy that generates.


  1. This blog is really very informative. I think very few people know how a Virtual assistant can help their business. Virtual assistant utilize latest technologies to deliver their services and to communicate with clients and they can handle wide variety of support services through a single point of contact. Virtual assistant can make one’s life easier and better!

    virtual assistant


  2. I’m looking for examples of organisations that already use a VA and I am struggling to find them, does anyone know of any? I would ideally like to try one out in real life


  3. Hi Teresa, I would be happy to show you some examples of VA’s. You can reach me at .

    Here is a write up of one example of a VA deployment and a link that you can try out:

    "Ask Ana"
    Ask Ana ensures that the online customer experience delivered by Copa Airlines is both enjoyable and rewarding, enabling customers and visitors to to type in a question using everyday natural language.

    Users get a single, accurate and approved answer to their questions, the very first time, along with a short list of helpful, related questions. Users also have the ability to view a dynamic list of the top ten questions based on previous question patterns.

    Ana can address customer questions in both English and most recently in Spanish. Soon Ana will be able to answer questions in Portuguese.

    Ana also ensures that if customers ask her a question in Spanish, but are on the English side of the virtual agent solution, Ana will note this and direct the customer to the correct location to get full support in Spanish…and vice-versa.

    Try it out. Greet English-speaking Ana with a Spanish "hola" at


  4. i am so glad to found these information, this information is very useful for us. I want to get more information about this, hope you continue to keep up with this blog. Thanks for the sharing,


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