Improving Process Efficiency with Workflow Automation

Quality management (QM), with its ability to drive agent behaviors that impact the customer experience, is a valuable tool for contact centers. Technological advances have increased QM process efficiency by replacing paper forms and making recordings more readily available. Significant areas of inefficiency still exist, however, increasing the cost of quality to the business.

According to a new CXM white paper,   integrating workforce automation and quality management offers opportunities for significantly improving the QM process. A workflow is a series of connected steps that must occur to achieve a desired outcome. Workflow automation makes certain that each step of the process completes before the next begins, and enforces rules to ensure each step is completed timely and correctly.

Workflow automation can improve QM process efficiency by addressing inefficiencies in four major areas:

· Time spent locating calls to evaluate

· Communicating evaluation results to agents

· Tracking coaching results

· System administration and maintenance

The white paper Quality Management and Workflow Automation Improving Process Efficiency and Effectiveness discusses these inefficiencies in detail.


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