The 9 Characteristics of Highly Successful Outbound Care

 One of the key priorities for a customer care organization is the engagement and retention of customers. To strengthen rapport with customers at scale, some companies are turning to interactive outbound interactive voice response (IVR) solutions. However, poorly executed outreach can alienate customers rather than ingratiate them, so it is important to select a platform that delivers your ideal customer experience.


Customer service is increasingly viewed as a strategic element of a product’s value proposition and has the potential to differentiate in a highly competitive market. In this new reality of customer care, the leading businesses are investing in experiences that deliver on the “three C’s” of customer service:


Connected: With more than five billion mobile device contracts in the world, customers are more capable of researching, communicating, and transacting with companies.

Contextual: With the rise of social media, individual consumers are now less concerned with the amount of information they are sharing. They share information more freely, but they expect businesses to use that information to improve customer experiences.

Continuous: With more complex tasks possible in mobile and traditional desktop channels, customers have an expectation that they can “pick up and put down” a transaction at any point, and have the product ready to start again right where they left off.


Of these, Continuous service is the most relevant to retaining and strengthening relationships with current customers. The best brands are engaged in constant dialog with their customers, whether participating in customer communities, hosting conversations on managed sites, or ensuring that their core values are represented in their products and in every interaction.


Businesses that effectively manage this dialogue know that proactive outreach is a key ingredient to a successful service strategy. A new Microsoft Tellme guide outlines nine key considerations fundamental to selecting the most appropriate outbound IVR platform to meet unique business needs.

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