Basic Featured of Unified Desktop

Features commonly provided by unified desktop solutions are as follows:

Single login/logout – Once the agent logs into the application they have unified access to multiple applications. There is no need to log in and out to access data bases or other applications.

Pre-populated screen pops – Unified desktops rely on the CRM as well as other sources, such as IVR entries and data gleaned from enterprise data bases to fully populate screens before the agent takes the call. All unified desktops pop screens for voice calls.

Auto-population of databases – A major time-saver is auto-population of data bases and forms. Since the system integrates with all commonly-accessed – data bases it can update them all when changes are made, such as new or revised contact information.

Customizable workflows – Every contact center has defined processes for handling interactions. For new agents or even harried experienced agents, there will be times when a step in the process is skipped or completed in the wrong order. Applications with customized workflows help assure expediency and accuracy by producing scripts and forms in tune with expected call progress. Contact center management can define the sequence in which screens appear.

Access to knowledge base –  Most unified desktop applications provide single-click access to an existing knowledge base. Easy access to an organized, comprehensive knowledge base is essential for improving first contact resolution. In about one out of ten situations it will be necessary to contact a subject matter expert in order to close the query.

 More information on this topic is found in an Altitude Sponsored Unifed Desktop white paper.


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