Why Companies Invest So Much, But Get So Little From Their Quality Program

Based on 15 years of experience,  preeminent expert in Quality redesign and execution in contact centers, QPO, feels that companies are getting little value from their quality program.  

Upon interviewing senior executives, they found that most executives pay little attention to the quality scores reported by the quality program.  Based on over 1,300 assessments of the contact centers in 60 countries, QPO has determined that companies routinely experience 7 common quality pitfalls that plague most contact centers. 

These are:

  • Quality processes are primarily focused on fixing individual agents, rather than identifying systemic or process level issues
  • Quality processes are not used as a listening post to help you better understand your customers and your business
  • Quality processes are not focused on the key drivers of business results
  • The Quality process does not use the correct metrics
  • The Quality process is not properly executed
  • The Quality process does not provide Operations with actionable data to improve performance

QPO Inc., believes that for the significant investment you make in your quality program, you should see a significant return, meaning if you improve Quality then you should see improvements in Customer Satisfaction, Costs, Sales, and Compliance.

If you avoid the 7 common pitfalls that plague almost all quality programs and link your quality to business outcomes, your quality process will deliver the desired results to your business.  These 7 pitfalls are discussed in a new white paper“Why Companies Invest So Much, But Get So Little From Their Quality Program".

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