Driving the Customer Experience and Top Line with an Integrated VoC

Customer Experience has become the mantra of senior management looking to enhance revenue and margins. This is a huge opportunity for whichever department can create a unified picture of the current CE and then help management to decide how to manage and improve it. Innovative, data driven departments as diverse as customer service, quality, consumer affairs or marketing services could capitalize on this opportunity to dramatically raise both their visibility and status within the organization.

Customer experience touches the customer encounters with the company. These range from the first awareness through advertising or word of mouth referral to buying, receiving and using the product or service, payment and possible renewal or repurchase.

Most companies are still made up of functional silos where the customer is passed from sales to product delivery to support to accounts receivable with little cognizance of what expectations have been set or what events have transpired prior to the current set of functional interactions.

Few  organizations have a Voice of the Customer drawing on the full range of data available to give executives a complete, end-to-end picture of the CE. A partial picture, based only on surveys or complaints, is often actually more dangerous than no data because it can lead to serious mis-allocation of resources and/or complacency. Providing guidance on how to effectively enhance the CE presents an opportunity for any department which can effectively pull together and package a unified Voice of the Customer (VOC), thereby becoming a focal point for guiding CE management. This effort can be led by a range of departments, from customer service to quality to marketing or market research.

A new white paper by John Goodman, Vice Chairman of TARP, sponsored by Utopy, Driving the Customer Experience and the Top Line with an Integrated Voice of the Customer outlines the key factors for an effective VOC and then addresses the four major challenges in delivering a VOC that provides top management with a useful tool for managing the CE.

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