Are You Ready For Next Gen Self-Service

According to Forrester Research, 72% of U.S. online consumers prefer to use a company’s Web site to get answers to their questions rather than contact companies via telephone or email. Clearly, the web has become the primary first point of contact between many organizations and their stakeholders. Despite this fact, frustration and inefficiency abounds online, resulting in unsatisfied customers and increases in escalations to expensive contact center mainstays like phone calls and e-mails.

For many organizations, the “answer” to next generation customer service includes deploying the latest multi-channel self-service tools now available. Often described as answer agents, virtual assistants or “smart FAQ’s”, this new breed of technology, when delivered effectively – has significant impact on key business measurements such as:
• Customer Satisfaction
• Inbound Call Volumes
• Inbound e-Mail Volumes
• Corporate Brand Identity

A new white paper Is Web Self-Service Right for You, from IntelliResponse, discusses the 6 telltale signs to tell you that you are ready for self-service.

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