Getting Workforce Optimization Right

Although the economy is seemingly improving, pressure on contact centers to improve customer satisfaction while reducing internal costs remains. Managers face challenges in ensuring that they have employed the right number and best-skilled staff, delivering relevant training and preparing agents to handle customer queries efficiently. All too often, agents do not have the right information at their fingertips and customers must wait while representatives search different applications and input data. Managers do not know the individual strengths of each agent and have difficulties balancing the number and type of customer enquiries with the right numbers of agents. Some of the top pain points for contact centers in creating an efficient customer service environment include:

• siloed customer information that does not connect to agent performance and training;
• limited data on agent skillsets, resulting in calls not being routed to the most knowledgeable agent;
• agent training courses are generic and need to be personalized to agents’ individual skill gaps;
• over- or under-staffing because of fluctuating call volumes.

Contact centers are beginning to look at ways to connect data from different processes in order to better meet customer needs and deliver effective customer service. Many of the above issues can be resolved by unified workforce optimization.

Integrated workforce optimization systems link scheduling with incoming call volumes and deliver personalized, targeted training based on performance measures and skill gaps, prioritized by ranking of business objectives. When working together, these tools help managers to schedule and train agents more effectively, improving agent morale and customer satisfaction. 

Read this VPI sponsored Ovum white paper, Getting Workforce Optimization Right How to align agent training and management with customer needs

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