Call Center Week – June 2011

The staff of CRMXchange was present at the IQPC Las Vegas Call Center Week. IQPC did a commendable job with the content and speakers in the event. The exhibit hours were long, running close to 11 hours on day one, but the vendors were pleased with the amount of interest that people showed in their products and services. 

We traveled the exhibit hall. Below are some vendor highlights.


Contact Solutions – The Continuous Improvement Practice (CI) is based on a unique methodology and supported by a set of processes, tools, scorecards and an ROI tracking model that enables their clients to make informed business decisions about self-service solutions. CI is embedded in the company’s solution and is managed by the Contact Solutions team. This CI practice will provide companies with visibility into projected and actual cost-savings, and customer experience performance; strategic insight into customer behaviors including “What-if?” scenarios and system performance; and actionable analytics so they know the specific actions that will improve self-service cost savings and customer experience ratings.

The Continuous Improvement Methodology™, serves as a framework for how they document, implement, measure and communicate recommendations. It allows your executive team to make informed decisions on proposed recommendations and enhancements. The Continuous Improvement Methodology uses a structured, four phased approach to deliver business results.

TARGUSinfo has an exclusive relationship with the nation’s telecommunications providers which gives them accurate and actionable consumer and business data. With their data and proprietary linking logic, they can, in real time, accurately identify consumers and businesses and link them to attributes, such as demographics, location, buying behaviors and risk-assessment factors.

Using predictive analytics in real time, while incorporating customer-transaction history, can help customers to identify top prospects and customers, as well as customize the message and increase the long term value of the customer relationship.

Business Process Management

Pegasystems is an industry leader in business process management and a provider of customer relationship management solutions. Their patented technology enables organizations to realize rapid business returns by directly capturing business objectives into fully automated processes and eliminating manual programming.

Pegasystems enables clients to quickly adapt to changing business conditions in order to outperform the competition. The power to change is in the hands of the business owner, not IT, so companies can rapidly transform business ideas into optimal customer service processes by leveraging intelligent processes, real-time decisioning, adaptive analytics and rapid integration with existing CRM environment. On the cloud or on-premise, Pega CRM helps increase the efficiency and skill of service representatives, reducing call time and training costs and delivering customer-focused experiences at a cost that benefits your business.

They deliver a transformational approach to case management, allowing businesses to treat cases holistically by providing support for all of the work that needs to be done. Regardless of the type of work required—structured, unstructured or event-driven, Pega can orchestrate the multiple processes, systems and people needed to manage each case.

Business Process Outsourcing

Contact Centers of America – CCA is an organization that recognizes the correlation of offshoring and its impact on customer dissatisfaction. Formed specifically to bring jobs back to the United States, CCA utilizes next-generation technology platforms to provide innovative services to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The CCA employee training and advancement programs result in high employee retention and service assurance. Internally, management works with each team member to define career goals and develop long-term career paths.

The CCA uses a workforce from 2 unique groups. College Students – CCA works with colleges to integrate its offerings into the students’ program of study. This gives students the opportunity to earn college credits and have a paying job while building their resume and working in their field of study.  Remote Representatives – This group is primarily made up of stay at home parents, retirees, and disabled veterans.  

CCA only provides service/support from the U.S

TeleTech@Home Virtual Workforce Solutions is an outsourcing delivery model providing access to a highly secure proprietary technology and a well-educated, highly specialized, and flexible workforce to address your customer interaction requirements. TeleTech@Home Virtual Solutions manages the relationship between people, process, and technology.

TeleTech representatives are employees of the company; are not contract employees. This model helps reduce attrition while benefiting their clients with reduced training costs, higher quality associates, and improved first contact resolution. Flexible and scalable staffing solutions provide an extensive workforce for quick ramp times and lower attrition rates to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure that customer needs are met quickly.

Some of the TeleTech key differentiators: Proprietary desktop; cloud based technology; the associate virtual desktop is locked down enabling access to authorized applications only, highest level of security available to meet sensitive requirements; PCI certified; proven 99.97% associate availability.


A systems integrator, Strategic Products and Services (SPS), has helped companies across the globe boost revenues, and gain an edge on the competition. With over 20 years of profitable growth and offices in more than 25 North American cities, SPS designs and implements technology solutions to help customers be more efficient and competitive in their markets. SPS is a Platinum Certified Avaya Connect channel partner with the Services Delivery Specialization (SDS) for both implementation and support.

SPS offers the TotalCare portfolio which contains strategic offers to help your business get the most from your technology investments. Designed with flexibility in mind, this comprehensive offer enables you to tailor a TotalCare Solution based on the components you need at each stage in the technology lifecycle, from planning and design through training and ongoing optimization.

SPS starts with the most knowledgeable and well trained team members working on every aspect of your project. They then add their implementation methodology and process guides which guide them through every engagement. The process begins during the pre-sale phase to help ensure that they uncover and address your challenges right from the start. From there, they add engineering and design capabilities, assessments, network evaluations and audits to verify network readiness and performance, and mitigate risk.

IVR / Speech Self Service

Smart Action-Smart Call Agents™ are powered by their artificial intelligence engine or "brain" that reasons and learns from experience. Smart Agents use a combination of natural language and artificial intelligence to provide a cost effective solution that can handle complex conversations in free flow form. Smart Agents get smarter over time as the intelligence engine learns with each new application. The Smart Call Agents recognize speech, understand callers’ meaning and intent, and remember the evolving context of each conversation. They claim that they are able to automate more calls and obtain higher completion rates. With no up-front costs, they have a "try before you buy" with absolutely no obligation.

Multi-Channel Call Center Solutions

Nuxbia   CenterWare Suite is a complete solution in advanced call centers that offer multiple access options to their customers, such as telephone calls, voice messages, fax, e-mail, chat and web. It enables your operation to achieve high levels of service, availability, productivity, and efficiency at the lowest operating cost and the highest investment return.

Predictive Dialers

Stratasoft – StrataDial.VC2 is an open platform, PC-based software/hardware package that performs automated outbound dialing. The VC2 can also run outbound campaigns without live agents by automatically delivering recorded messages to both customers and answering machines. In addition to automated predictive dialing capabilities, it can also perform inbound call routing via their IVR or their ACD. The StrataDial.VC2’s built-in IVR and ACD functionality routes inbound calls so users do not need a separate PBX.

StrataDial.VC2 includes skills-based routing tables which can be based on language skills, training level or any other criteria-based functions. Stratasoft comes with a screen designer software package which allows a supervisor to design and customize screens and scripts to meet the needs of the campaign.

iStrataQA, allows supervisors to record, evaluate and analyze agent interactions to ensure quality performance. StrataDial.VC2 has the ability to translate all of its product suite’s interfaces into virtually any language in the world. 

Stratasoft will provide a 90 day test to prove their technology. And, once a customer purchases the dialer, all the additional technology is included in the package. They say that their predictive dialing technology can increase contact center productivity by 300%.

Voice of the Customer

Mindshare Technologies is  a Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution. Mindshare captures real-time contact center customer feedback in 125 countries and 28 languages at every company touch-point and from all channels, including social media and phone/web surveys. Their proprietary technology analyzes feedback for the most pertinent information, enabling you to take action right away. The exclusive Comment Analytics Suite extracts usable data from open-ended comments, discovers causes of customer dissatisfaction, and monitors trends.

Mindshare’s reports are real-time, accurate, and delivered to all management levels via web, tablet, or mobile phone. Contact Center managers get instant, clear reports that highlight prescriptive calls to action so they can continuously improve their customers’ experience.

Workforce Management

Pipkins is a leading supplier of enterprise workforce management solutions for commercial call centers, providing sophisticated forecasting and scheduling technology. Vantage Point ™, their premier product, is the world’s first enterprise workforce management solution designed to provide answers to the most complex call center scheduling and forecasting problems. Pipkins provides a single server, database, and architecture platform for workforce and performance management solutions for both the front and back office. Their unique capability to manage every contact channel and deliver them into a single server provides the real time visibility organizations need to make critical decisions. The flexibility of their premise or hosted solution will fit the needs of any IT department.

XLScheduler, a Swedish company has developed Workforce Management and Time Registration systems since 1997. Today, hundreds of call centers in Europe and North America use XLScheduler’s Workforce

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