Customer Experience Accelerates in 2011

To understand what’s on the plate for customer experience in 2011, Temkin Group surveyed more than 170 large organizations about their 2010 activities and 2011 plans.

Most respondents are satisfied with their customer experience roles and have a strong outlook for improvements at their company. More than eight out of 10 respondents think that customer experience will be more important in 2011 than it was in 2010. Social media, the Web, and customer-centric culture are set to receive the most increased attention this year. They  also examined the anatomy of successful customer experience programs and found that they plan more and use customer feedback and insight more effectively than other firms

Here’s what respondents said about their current customer experience efforts:

Executives are committed, but skills and resources are lacking. Three quarters of respondents agree that their executives are fully committed to achieving the company’s customer experience goals. Considerably fewer think that the company understands the link between customer experience and business results or have the skills and resources to achieve their customer experience goals.

Employee communications and executive dashboards are lagging.  They asked respondents to rate their efforts in a number of customer experience areas . Even in the best performing areas – customer insight and analysis, leadership, and VoC programs – only about half of respondents rated these areas as good or excellent. At the bottom of the list are employee communications and customer experience executive scorecard/dashboard.

Human channels get the best grades. The respondents rated the experiences that their companies delivered in several channels. At the top of the list are phone agent and in-store experiences. Cross-channel experiences received the lowest grades; only 21% of respondents considered this key area to be good or excellent.

Six out of ten respondents say that their company’s customer experience efforts have had at least a moderately positive impact on business results in 2010. But these customer experience professionals expect even better results this year; 80% anticipate strong results in 2011.

Customer experience planning is somewhat effective. Only 13% of respondents say that their customer experience planning process was very effective.

You can read the report Customer Experience Accelerates in 2011, A Temkin Group Report, compliments of RightNow

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