Moving Hiring Online – Testing Length and Candidate Completion Rates

The use of web-based pre-hire assessments to help identify quality job candidates has become more and more widespread in recent years across all industries and job types, including contact center agents. Although many contact center recruiters use pre-hire assessments to help identify quality candidates, they sometimes express concerns that the time to complete the assessments may cause candidates to drop out of the assessment process prematurely.  They propose that shortening testing time/length will alleviate or minimize the issue of applicant fallout and improve completion rates.

FurstPerson has recently taken advantage of opportunities to test this hypothesis using empirical data.  Results vary from call center organization to call center organization, but the general conclusions are consistent.  FurstPerson’s recent whitepaper “Moving Hiring Online: Does Testing Length Affect Candidate Completion Rates?” uses this data to directly address the question of whether shortened testing times lead to improved candidate completion rates.  Follow this link to read what FurstPerson research has discovered about this issue and what the data suggests about testing length and applicant fallout.

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