Hosted Contact Center Vendor Satisfaction Analysis

When considering a hosted contact center infrastructure solution, references are one of the best ways to gain an understanding of a vendor’s experience, initial and ongoing service and support, training and professional services. It’s also a great way to learn about a product’s performance, ease of use and flexibility. Although checking references can be time consuming, it’s a great way to avoid costly surprises.

DMG Consulting recommends that RFPs ask for the names of at least five references, ideally from customers with the same or similar operating environment as the prospect. References are generally more than happy to talk with a vendor’s prospective customers to share their experiences, lessons learned and invaluable insights.

DMG Consulting conducted an independent customer satisfaction survey for the seven leading and contending hosted contact center infrastructure vendors analyzed at an in-depth level in the 2010 – 2011 Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report: Contactual, Echopass, Interactive Intelligence, inContact, LiveOps, NewVoiceMedia and Transera.

The research for DMG Consulting’s customer satisfaction survey was conducted as follows:

1. The vendors were asked to provide the names of five customers who had agreed in advance to participate in the satisfaction survey. DMG Consulting contacted three customers for each vendor.

2. DMG Consulting sent the participating customers an email with a link to a Web survey. Customers who preferred to complete a written survey were invited to use an online survey tool. Those who preferred to do a phone interview were offered this option. All customer references for this satisfaction

The survey consisted of thirteen questions, which fell into the following categories:
1. Customer background –
2. Product satisfaction –
3. Open-ended questions – What does the hosted contact center infrastructure vendor excel at? What can the vendor do better? What product enhancements would they like to see? Also included was an open invitation for participants to express general thoughts about their experience with the vendor.

A total of 21 customer responses (three from each vendor) were received. The vendor satisfaction ratings  are reported in 2010 -2011  Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report Reprint on CRMXchange.

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