Implementing Real-Time Targeted Content Delivery

Sharing updates with call center agents during downtime is an ideal way to improve your staff’s knowledge and skills. This can be done at minimal cost and without disrupting the flow of operations – which is what happens when agents are pulled from the phones to attend a training/coaching class. The contact center has to be able to send out training/coaching or other information as soon as a slow period is identified, as these lulls generally do not last long.

This means that you will need a collection of  5 to 20 minute education and training sessions or content set up and ready to be delivered to every agent in your contact center when the opportunity arises. You can use the same content for every agent, but effectiveness will be increased if training content is customized to address the specific needs of every agent.

A new Knowlagent sponsored DMG Consulting Report: The Power of Real-Time Delivery: Using Agent Idle Time to Improve Service how using this idle time productively will improve agent satisfaction and service quality while reducing agent-related costs.

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