How to Improve Business Results with Engaged Employees

Your customers are coming to you via an variety of   channels.  As a result, every employee is now customer facing — either directly or indirectly — and distinctions between the front
office and back office are blurring.  With many more channels coming to the multi channel contact center, and a much more dispersed workforce, organizations today are forced to manage a dizzying array of customer service systems, customer touch points and customer-related tasks.

The question is, how do you make sure that employees possess the right skills and information to provide excellent service to your customers, while also effectively leveraging existing corporate systems and resources? And, how do you boost employee engagement to ensure that what employees do aligns with company objectives, increases profitability, and provides a competitive advantage?

The new ebook, FIVE STEPS TO AN EMPLOYEE EFFECTIVENESS MODEL: IMPROVE BUSINESS RESULTS WITH ENGAGED EMPLOYEES, discusses the Genesys  Employee Effectiveness Model that brings together a host of capabilities under a single umbrella to align training, job assignment, job scheduling, quality assurance and career development so that The workforce has the right skills to provide stellar service to customers.

Such a model should be built on five steps to ensure a more engaged, efficient and effective organization — one with happier employees, more satisfied customers and a much healthier corporate balance sheet.  The steps, plan, deliver, control, analyze and develope are discussed in detail in the ebook.

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