State of Corporate Social Media 2011

Below is a summary of findings from a Useful Social Media study of 100 corporate media practitioners from around the world.

1 The ‘social media department’ is an unpopular concept, and largely ignored by corporations.

2 Social media is often added to existing corporate roles. Few companies have staff working exclusively on social media, though 90% have one or more people working on social as part of their role.

3 Social media practitioners still tend to sit within the marketing department (43%), though a fuller integration of social responsibilities within a variety of different departments is now gaining popularity (35%).

4 The majority of companies expect social media to become integrated into more than just marketing throughout 2011.

5 The vast majority of companies expect social media budgets to increase over 2011 (89%), though the increase will be less dramatic than in previous years, with 71% expecting an increase of 25% or less.

6 Currently, corporate social media is used largely for marketing and communications (88% and 93% of respondents say they use social media for communications and marketing respectively). However, a significant proportion are already using social media to enhance customer service and engagement.

7 Over the next year, the biggest change in corporate use of social media will be the growth of companies using it for customer service (73% by the end of 2011). Using social for employee engagement (59%) and product development (52%) will also become more popular.

8 Whilst a significant proportion of companies are now confident that they are measuring social media impact, the majority still feel there is work to be done – a view that’s particularly prevalent in Europe.

9 Social media expertise has been brought in house. 57% of companies don’t pay any external service providers, and a huge 89% of companies write all their own social media communications.

10 Whilst B2B companies are taking the adoption of social media equally as seriously as their B2C counterparts, it.

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