Using Multi-Channel Analytics

Your customers are evolving. So are their methods for interacting with your company. While most customers prefer to pick up the phone, they now reach out in other ways such as chat, email, and social forums. Companies are inundated with a myriad of these unstructured interactions, but lack the ability to synthesize them into a total understanding of customer needs and desires.

Customer Interaction Analytics allows organizations to analyze every phone call, chat, email, and tweet and translate this data into total picture of the voice of the customer. This allows companies to quickly discover the customer issues that are impacting their business, provide in-depth analysis to determine the best actions to take, and make fast business decisions that better reflect the changes really desired by their customers.

Martin Hill-Wilson, Director of Bridge House Consulting, on a CRMXchange webcast May 24th, Using Multi-Channel Interaction Analytics to Find the Changes Your Customers Really Want, will explain the central role that customer interaction analytics plays in business transformations. Given the widespread efforts now being made in organizations to compete on service excellence and the quality of the customer experience, it is essential that effective strategies are developed based on the true priorities of customers.

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