How Companies View Their Contact Center Self-Service

During an Empirix sponsored,  Opus Research, Web-based survey, companies were asked how they their current customer care and sevice self-service compares to others in the industry.  Most believe that they are doing an excellent job in meeting customer requirements; nearly 40% admit that they are basically on a par with their competitors, while only 8% manage to muster up sufficient bravado to say “We blow the competition away.”

For many, the use of tools that help employees (both inside and outside the contact center) engage with their customers or prospects over a variety of new communications platforms has been regarded as a source of competitive advantage.

Now such deployments are accelerating as they are regarded as a source of cost savings for customer support and a relatively inexpensive way to communicate offers and promotional messages. As testimony of demand for monitoring, understanding and, perhaps, manipulating activity on social platforms, Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang counted over 125 community platforms, 145 brand monitoring companies, and 20 social media management systems up and running in mid-September 2010.

The report Companies ‘Unifying’ the Conversational Contact Center’ can be found on CRMXchange.

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