The Impact of Real Time Solutions

If your business is like most, change is the only constant. Companies that strive to improve customer satisfaction and maximize revenue opportunities, while keeping up with their ever changing business environment, will find ‘Citizen Development’, an effective strategy to achieve their business objectives. "Citizen Development" is a unique way for organizations to create new business applications for consumption by others from scratch, in parallel with IT and its governance. This shift gives power to the end users while freeing IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives

Nationwide Financial is a leading provider of Annuities, Life Insurance, & Retirement plans. In their market, conditions can change in an instant, making for a dynamic operating environment. Nationwide’s customer service and sales departments found they could not be responsive to their customers when they had to wait for their IT department to make changes; until, through a series of process and tools, they were able to take control and make the required changes themselves.

In a CRMXchange webcast May 19th, The Impact of Real Time Solutions, you can hear about the solutions Nationwide used to help impact customer interactions in real time, through next-best action agent guidance, cross- and up-sell recommendations and process automation.

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