Voice Biometrics – to Improve Customer Service

Voice biometrics can help enterprises that require traditional registration and confirmation processes such as offline, paper forms with wet ink signatures to drastically streamline the process and improve conversions.

By eliminating the lengthy process that usually involves printing, faxing, mailing, or other forms of paper distribution coupled with waiting for the returned signed documents, organizations can achieve better customer service, higher levels of data security, tighter audit trails, and increased conversion rates. Research has shown that no matter what the industry, there is a 30-55% falloff rate when a paper process is involved in getting a signature from parties who are not face-to-face.

Because each person’s voice is their ‘spoken identifier,’ with unique characteristics such as pitch and rhythm, these characteristics can be mapped and used to verify identity.

There are more than 120 different touchpoints to an individual’s voice. A voice biometric will capture all of these touchpoints and, in essence, make a fingerprint of that unique voice. That is why voice biometrics can be used to securely and safely replace lengthy paper-based signature processes. By identifying customers using their individual voice, organizations can provide a secure and easy way for them to “sign on the dotted line” using a voice print. 

A new Angel white paper ‘Speak on the Dotted Line’, discusses how to use voice biometrics to improve customer service and close more business.

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