Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Trends

According to a KnoahSoft reprint of the DMG Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Report, the market trends are as follows:

•The contact center surveying sector is doing well, as organizations seek to improve relationships with customers.

•Social networking/social media is starting to play a significant role as a source of unsolicited customer feedback for contact centers.

•A growing number of multi-channel surveying application providers are delivering solutions that address various aspects of social media.

•Enterprises are increasingly turning to surveying and feedback application vendors, rather than to traditional market research firms.

•Customer survey data is starting to be shared by customer service/contact center and marketing, which will help reduce the barriers between these two essential customer-facing organizations.

•Contact centers are increasingly incorporating employee feedback into their surveying programs. This makes the data richer and provides multiple perspectives.

•As contact centers look for ways to ensure that survey results are actionable and can be addressed, closed-loop processing solutions that convert survey feedback into manageable cases are increasingly being implemented.

•Organizations are becoming more sophisticated in their use of surveying techniques, improving the validity of the results by making better use of sampling techniques.

•For contact centers implementing surveying, concerns about the security of the SaaS delivery model have dwindled, if not disappeared, even in highly security-conscious financial services firms.

•More vendors are providing “push reporting,” where results are shared more widely within the organization, with reports tailored to specific roles.

•A number of vendors have added the ability to download data directly from their application into PowerPoint.

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