First Contact Resolution Done Right

First call resolution, and the closely related call resolution rate, are the most important operational metrics for call center managers because they address productivity, quality and customer satisfaction in one number.

To realize the benefits of these essential key performance indicators (KPIs), leaders need an objective, accurate and automated mechanism for capturing and calculating one or both of these measurements. Organizations that employ FCR to firmly establish a corporate mindset dedicated to ongoing process and staff improvements are driving down their operating expenses while upgrading the customer experience and enhancing their brand.

For years, companies have struggled to do FCR right; and many do not even know where to start. A new DMG white paper FCR Done Right, compliments of Enkata,  provides best practices for building a successful operational FCR/CRR program, and shows how a leading telecom services provider used it to change their call center culture, cost structure and market perception.

Just a few of the best practices include:

Agree on the need to build an FCR/CRR program
Create an FCR/CRR metric   
Obtain staff buy-in
Identify FCR data sources   
Train staff on new FCR/CRR program
Capture and measure FCR data
Find out-of-norm situations

First contact and call resolution improvement programs are designed to capture this data, provide analytics that enable companies to diagnose the issues that generate high volumes of transfers and repeat calls, and then resolve the issues that cause the underlying problems.

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