Communication Channels Foster Stronger Customer Relationships

From June through September Opus Research mounted a Web-based survey to gain insights into the deployment plans and levels of interest in a variety of channels and networks for customer care and marketing efforts. Here are the top line findings:

• Transformational times in the Contact Center – Contact center personnel are increasingly engaged in multi-modal, multi-channel and social interactions.

• Monitoring and call recording are high profile – In response to questions about technology in service, two monitoring technologies topped the list, approaching 70% of instances, with plans to exceed 80% “in 12 months.”

• Social nets and “cloud-based” applications are in the mix – A majority of businesses already treat email and Web chat as customerfacing channels, and deployment plans will move outbound alerts, home agents and screen sharing into the mainstream. • Nearly half of respondents already incorporate social media –Facebook Fan Sites, Blogs and – to a lesser degree – Twitter lead the way.

• Web chat and video are on the deployment horizon – Agents are involved in email management among 60% of respondents.

• Facebook and Google Apps are on a par with UC stalwarts –Cisco and Microsoft OCS dominate Unified Communications discussions, but our findings show that Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Apps are establishing presence “inside the firewall.”

• More video and mobile apps are coming this year – Firms are anxious to reach their “anywhere/anytime” customers and prospects.

• Performance monitoring and testing gain importance – Respondents “get it.” They indicate that they are monitoring in order to “improve customer service” and “success rates”, both of which create a better customer experience.

You can read the entire report, Companies ‘Unifying’ the Conversational Contact Center.

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