Quality Assurance 2.0, The Rebirth of Contact Center QA

Intelligent QA systems rapidly identify and deliver insights into critical business issues and opportunities to improve the customer experience and revenue.

A new VPI  white paper, Quality Assurance 2.0, The Rebirth of Contact Center QA,  defines Quality Assurance as:

1) A proactive method for rapidly identifying and resolving business issues associated with customer interactions.

2) A requirement to minimize liability risk and ensure compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies.

3) A continuous improvement process to enhance customer experience, operational effectiveness and profitability.

Instead of recording a small percentage of calls and randomly listening to a few of them each month, leading contact centers are beginning to focus the Quality Assurance process on the business areas that they want to improve most. They capture all of their multi-channel customer interactions and then automatically categorize and prioritize them for review and quality evaluation by type and business value. The basis of effective QA monitoring is to be a few steps in front of your customers, not a step behind. Utilizing analytics and workflow automation, new QA tools can also reduce the manual steps required by most QA applications by 60 to 80 percent.

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